Nicole Pilich

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intro (Jackie)

Art Gallery

Henna/ Jagua

“My first time working on someone since COVID-19 started. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to do some henna again. It’s a little awkward with the vinyl gloves, mask and plastic visor.”
Doing a flying birds henna
Finished flying birds henna
Hand henna art
Here is the before and after of an application of henna on my left hand.
Since I am self-isolating I have had a little extra time on my hands…”
“This is a belly chain, not unlike a bellydancing chain.”
This is a quick spontaneous drawing of a bird.
“… And here is a rad dragon!”
Shoulder with Jagua
A dandelion done at one of our local festivals
“I love this design because it is a semi-complete circle, like a moon!”
Connecting two older tattoos: Before…
Connecting two older tattoos: In progress…
Connecting two older tattoos: The finished artwork…
Drawing attention away from injuries
Karate tattoo
Animal tattoos: Swan
Animal tattoos: Scorpion
Animal tattoos: Owl
Animal tattoos: Sloth

Henna for men
Henna for men
Henna for men
Henna for men
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Drawings and Paintings

This is a simple painting I did. I have been asked to do multiple henna trees, and wanted to emulate in canvas with paint.
A sketch of my friend Peter Graham-Gaudreau’s Zoom concert he did back in March: a sign of the times…”
Colored pencil drawing
“To honor my dear friend who passed away recently I drew her a butterfly on a cotton cloth to signify her metamorphosis from this life. As henna is so temporary on skin, it is permanent on cotton. Although this piece was placed on her body and went with her, I won’t hold it or see it again, but it lives on in my memory, as does my dear friend Estar.”
“I’m so happy it’s spring and the trees are starting to sprout their little leaves and the flowers are popping up around the town. Speaking of flowers, here is a painting I did a few years ago of Black Eyed Susans which I gifted to my mom.”

Out In Nature

“I’ve started to take people on herb walks around our local park to teach them about the healing and edible plants which grow all around us. I was fortunate to be granted some funds to do this and now take 6 people each time and these individuals get the walk for free. All my students have been super interested in learning and very appreciate to have this opportunity, as I am. Here are photos of my walks while I point out which plants are good for what.

I’m so excited to be able to share my knowledge right now especially! It really feels like we are at a critical time in the world and going back to nature is so necessary for our healing.”

“Here I am with St. John’s Wort, and also some Yarrow. St. Johns Wort is a natural antidepressant, and a strong pain killer for nerve pain. Topically it is used on shingles.”
“A close up of St. John’s Wort. Yarrow is used in colds and flu, it works to bring on a sweat to reduce a fever, and as a diuretic gets you peeing, also helping to rid the illness.”
“Hawthorn trees provide some valuable circulation tonic. The berries used regularly will regulate blood pressure and cholesterol.”
“A close up of hawthorn and its berries. And if there is a famine you can eat the berries as they are rich in nutrients.”
“Comfrey is a strong skin healing plant. A paste or poultice of the leaves can be applied to a clean wound and help to heal that wound quickly.”
“Here is my last group with me. Because of COVID-19I can only take 5-6 people to ensure we can all maintain safe distancing.

“When you come up to British Columbia you have to visit Salt Spring Island. There are many farm stands all over on every road, selling fresh produce, flowers and baked goods. They are on the honor system and trust that people will leave the correct money in their box. The ocean is crisp and clean and cool but refreshing. For a longer lingering swim you can go to one of the several lakes and dive into the warm smooth fresh water. Salt Spring Island is a gem!”

“On a much-needed getaway inspiration came in the form of sticks and stones. Near Halfmoon Bay is a gorgeous beach covered in tumbled stones bleached driftwood and smooth bark. I played with natures jigsaw pieces and made this dragon or dog. I hope it brings a smile to someone who comes across this temporary art.”

Shared Photos

“Here is a photo of our two Apple pies and one Shepard pie. I also made two pumpkin pies but never took a photo of them.”
“The weekend afterwards we went to the pumpkin patch and collected pumpkins, and my daughter found the biggest one!”
November 2021:
“Here the Fall colors are amazing!”
I came to the birthday to do henna designs for the 12 year old and her friends.
When I arrived I was asked to also decorate the cake!
That was fun, and spontaneous. It isn’t easy holding a bag full of piping hot chocolate!

Gala’s Gallery

“Mother Nature”
“The feeling of being depressed”
“I am”
Ceramic plate: Before the second firing…(Collaboration with Nicole)
Ceramic plate: …and the final result! (Collaboration with Nicole)