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Ferreira Fest 91 is now online!

Friends and Charities news, our Reading Series, updates, screencaps and more!  



Ferreira Fest 90 is now online!

A flurry of news, our Reading Series, Friends and Charities updates, screencaps and lots more!  



Ferreira Fest 89 is now online!

Catching up with Sawyer Ferreira, Charities and Friends updates, our Reading Series, screencaps and lots more!  



Ferreira Fest 88 is now online!

All about The Undertaker's Son, interviews, photos, tweets, our exclusive 2nd Reading Series, screen caps, Charity and Friends news, and lots more!




Ferreira Fest 87 is now online!

Interviews, trailers, videos, tweets, our exclusive 2nd Reading Series, screen caps, Charity and Friends news, and lots more!




Ferreira Fest 86
(The Birthday Edition) is now online!

News, memories of Common Ground, tweets, photos, our exclusive 2nd Reading Series, screen caps, and lots more!




Ferreira Fest 85 is now online!

A new CSA nomination, tweets, photos, our exclusive 2nd Reading Series, screen caps, a special New Year's greeting, our big Birthday Project and lots more!




Ferreira Fest 84 is now online!

Tons of news, goodies from recent TV shows, tweets, photos, our exclusive 2nd Reading Series, screen caps, our new Birthday Project and a very special Holiday greeting from Eugene Lipinski and Louis and so much more!




Ferreira Fest 83 is now online!

Thoughts on current events and about This Life and Aftermath, lots of sound clips, screen caps, friends and charities news, our second Reading Series, photos, Tweets and much more!



Ferreira Fest 82 is now online!

Great stuff about This Life and Aftermath, lots of upcoming shows, screen caps, friends and charities news, our second Reading Series, photos, a new headshot and WAY more!




Ferreira Fest 81 is now online!

Motive finale news, new short films, screen caps, a Gene Wilder memorial, Q&As, friends and charities news, a book recommendation, our second Reading Series and WAY more!




Ferreira Fest 80 is now online!

Auction items, photos and screencaps, charities and friends news, and our second Reading Series, plus lots more!




Fereira Fest 79 is now online!

An interview with Claudia Ferreira, Food for Thought about recent events, photos and screencaps, friends news and our second Reading Series, plus lots more!



Ferreira Fest 78 is now online!

A brand-new Reading Series, MOTIVE at the Leos, charities and friends news, screen caps, and so much more!




Ferreira Fest 77 is now online!

An exclusive interview with the makers of Counter Act, charities and friends news, screen caps, the end of our first  Reading Series and much more!
Counter Act. Photo © Amanda Oakes




Ferreira Fest 76 is now online!

Motive is on Canadian and US television! News about Counter Act, charities and friends news, screen caps, our Reading Series and lots more!
Counter Act. Photo © Amanda Oakes



Ferreira Fest 75 is now online!

Motive is returning to US television! An interview with Justin Breault, news about Bates Motel and This Life, charities and friends news, our Reading Series and lots more!


MOTIVE is coming to USA Network!

Finally some good news about Motive! Just weeks after the series' end was announced by CTV  USA Network has picked up the show starting with Season 3 - Seasons 1 and 2 are now available online at USA Network.
Season 3 episodes will start airing on Friday April 1st (no joke!) and subsequent episodes will air Fridays at 10/ 9c.
Please go to http://www.usanetwork.com/feedback and leave a thank you note for USA Network for picking up Motive!




Ferreira Fest 74 is now online!

It's the Official 50th Birthday Edition! MOTIVE news and photos, screencaps, Q&As. birthday wisdom, charities and friends news, our Reading Series and so much more!





Ferreira Fest 73 is now online!

We start our 7th year with news, photos, screencaps, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series continued, and info about the new series This Life! Plus: The 2016 Birthday Project!




Ferreira Fest 72 is now online!

An interview with Motive and Stargate Universe script supervisor Amanda Alexander, photos, videos, screencaps, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series continued, a special Holiday message and movie from Louis and so much more!





Ferreira Fest 71 is now online!

An interview with Greyston Holt, exciting filming news, screencaps, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series continued, a special Thanksgiving message from Louis and more!




Ferreira Fest 70 is now online!

Mika McKinnon tells us about her work on Stargate Universe, plus tweets from Louis, screencaps of Louis as a tree, lots of Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series continued and more!




Ferreira Fest 69 is now online!

An exclusive interview with Louis' BFF, veteran actor Eugene Lipinski! We have the "Saving Goola" trailer, photos by Louis,  screencaps, lots of Friends updates, our Reading Series, lots of filming news and more!




Ferreira Fest 68 is now online!

An exclusive interview with Louis' friend and former stand-in Troy Mundle! Plus Charity news, photos by Louis, Getty Images, screencaps, lots of Friends updates, our Reading Series, a new newsletter character and much much more!




Ferreira Fest 67 is now online!

We welcome Ability Online and MOTIVE Executive Producer Dennis Heaton to our circle of friends! Plus photos, a Q&A, screencaps, tons of Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and so much more!


photo © by Lark Productions


Ferreira Fest 66 is now online!

An in-depth interview with Louis' BFF Patrick Gilmore, lots of Motive news and photos, a new memory page for Charlie, screencaps, exciting Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and so much more!




Ferreira Fest 65 is now online!

This month we feature an exclusive interview with Alex Appel, a Q&A, videos and photos, screencaps, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and lots more!



Ferreira Fest 64 is now online!

We're adding a new charity, Project Limelight! There are also interviews with Sawyer Ferreira and FYA, a long Q&A, screencaps, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and much more!




Ferreira Fest 63 is now online!

We have an exclusive interview with Eric Banerd, Q&As, screencaps, all about Season 3 of MOTIVE, Friends updates, a question from Louis, our exclusive Reading Series and lots more!



Ferreira Fest 62 is now online!

It's the 2015 Birthday Edition! This month we have a new Mr Mugs book reading, Q&As, a Blast from the Past, Friends updates, photos, our exclusive Reading Series and lots more!




Become a sponsor for Louis' latest short film!

Want to be a producer for "Arthur" by Paola Botero? The fundraising campaign has begun. Watch a brief video and become a sponsor at IndieGoGo!

photo by Kita Nahanni




Ferreira Fest 61 is now online!

The first issue of the 2015 - our 6th year! - has an interview with Justin Chance, a long radio interview with Louis, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and lots more!



Ferreira Fest 60 is now online!

Our holiday issue is the long-awaited Elmer Edition! We have a feature on one of Louis' first jobs, an exclusive interview with David Dingess, new movies, photos, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and lots more!



Ferreira Fest 59 is now online!

We have news on a new movie, more success stories for Through The Pane, Friends updates, our exclusive Reading Series and lots more!



Ferreira Fest 58 is now online!

This month's issue has Through The Pane screening reports, our exclusive Reading Series, photos, screencaps, details about a new short film, and much more!



Through The Pane screening in Atlanta!

Through The Pane will screen at the Atlanta Shorts Fest on Thursday October 9th! Check the schedule here. Tickets are 6$for the whole evening of movies. Click here for more info. And email admin@louisferreira.org if you're going, so we can meet up!




Want to meet Louis in person, get some autographs and have your picture taken with him? Now's your chance! Louis is here at Dragon*Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend! Go to the Dragon*Con main page to plan your trip! We hope to see many of you there!

Here are more details for Dragon*Con newbies:

Please be sure to read the convention policies.

Tickets are $130. You will receive a badge which you have to wear at all times. You can bring your own lanyard or purchase one there. In a pinch a shoelace will do; the badge also has a clip. Plan on a couple of hours to pick up your badge (see map here) - with around 60,000 people at the con the waiting time in line can be quite long! You can also purchase badges for only one specific day, or for 2 or 3 days. Check the Dragon*Con store for what you need. You will receive a big program book when you pick up your badge, but things change literally by the minute, so a phone with the Dragon*Con app is very useful! You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter or other social media as well. The Daily Dragon will be your lifeline! And here is the first complete con schedule!

UPDATE By Daily Dragon staff
August 22, 2014 @ 9:31 AM
The Walk of Fame will be located in the Marquis Ballroom on the Marquis Level at the Marriott. One part of the printed Pocket Program lists an incorrect location. Apologies for any confusion!


Jump on hotel rooms while you can! At this point all the official hotels and most of the overflow hotels are booked, but sometimes they release a few more rooms due to cancellations. Try Expedia or similar online reservation sites. I've set up a thread at the Forum where you can look for roommates. If you haven't signed up for the Forum - it's quick and easy and nobody will send you spam!

The public transportation system MARTA gets you around Atlanta very well, and the con also runs shuttle buses around downtown. But if you have to lodge further out, just get a rental car, drive in and park somewhere. I usually leave my car in the Georgia Pacific parking structure on Courtland Ave/ Ellis Street/ J.W. Dobbs Avenue, which is $12 per day (the $5 weekend rate does not apply during the con). If you share a room with others you can split the parking fee or take turns. There are cheaper places to park but they usually fill up before the con. At the GP you can also park overnight as long as you fill out this form and check in with security, which is in the adjacent building.
If you're flying, remember that Delta has a special Dragon*Con rate. You can take MARTA from the airport to downtown or book a rental car - Dragon*Con has worked out special rates with several companies! Lots more transportation info can be found here.
Bring good walking shoes; unlike most big cons this one is not in one large convention center; you'll be trekking between several hotels all day. A good portion of your time will be spent waiting in line, so bring a six-pack of patience with you! Bring a map or a phone with a map-app. In Atlanta every other street seems to be called Peachtree-something-or-other; it can get confusing. Most downtown streets are one-way streets - walking is truly your best option. Bring a water bottle and some snacks; restaurants are usually crowded and lines can be long. Also recommended are sunscreen (if your line is outdoors) and an umbrella or rain poncho (when it rains it pours in Atlanta!). The con has excellent disability accommodations.

Louis will be attending various panels - they are usually Question-and-Answer type events where you can ask questions of one or more guests that are on the stage. He will also be signing autographs at a table on the Walk Of Fame in the large Marriott Marquis Ballroom with many other celebrities. Ferreira Fest will be at his table so come say hi! We will be running a fundraiser for our two charities, so here's an easy way to contribute. You can purchase official photos for Louis to sign or you can bring your own materials. There will be a fee for autographs. You may also want to have your picture taken with him by a professional photographer (be sure to read the photographer FAQ), or right there at his table (also for a fee). A portion of all those fees will go towards our charities! Bring cash if possible, it will really speed things up.

UPDATE 8-22-2014 10pm

Here is a map of Louis' location in the Walk of Fame:

(taken from the official 2014 Pocket Program )

The Walk of Fame is open during the following dates and times:
Friday: 1:00 pm–7:00 pm  DONE!
Saturday/Sunday: 10:00 am–7:00 pm  DONE
Monday: 10:00 am–5:00 pm (no Louis)

This is a good place to start. Whenever possible, Louis will be at his table. We will have a sign there, indicating when we'll be back from a panel or photo op or a meal.

According to the official Con Pocket Program schedule, Louis will appear on the following panel:

Friday August 29, 4 PM – Supergate II – Destiny Calls!
Our cadre of Stargate: Universe guests offerthoughts on serving on the Destiny and being a
part of the Stargate family. D. Blue, L. Ferreira, O. Grauer; Fri 4:00 pm; Augusta Ballroom [Westin] DONE!

UPDATE 8-28-2014

Louis has photo ops scheduled on the following dates and times:

Friday August 29       12:35pm  DONE!

Saturday August 30           1pm  DONE!

Sunday August 31       12:15pm  DONE!

All photo ops are in the Marriott on the street level floor directly across from the Hilton. If you stand with your back to the Hilton, the photo ops will be to your left through the glass doors.


Louis is really looking forward to meeting all of you!
Don't hesitate to ask if you need more info!



Ferreira Fest 56 is now online!

We're getting ready for Dragon Con! Hope many of you can attend! But for those who can't, we have plenty of good stuff. Louis shares his thoughts about Robin Williams, there's a Q&A, another episode of the Reading Series and lots of news about Louis' latest short film Through The Pane!




Ferreira Fest 55 is now online!

Louis remembers his colleague Eli Wallach, continues our Reading Series, answers questions and shares some Food For Thought. We also have lots of news and videos, photos and so much more!




Ferreira Fest 54 is now online!

We celebrate Leo Awards for several friends, plus an in-depth interview with Jeff Cathrow, Breaking Bad location photographer of the "Declan Series", news for Through The Pane and MOTIVE, photos, The Reading Series and Q&As!




Leo Award and MOTIVE Season 3

CTV has just renewed MOTIVE for another season. Louis has confirmed he will be in Season 3, reprising his role as Detective Oscar Vega. He also won a Leo Award for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series in 2014 for his work on the MOTIVE episode "Fallen Angel".



Ferreira Fest 53 is now online!

Vote for Louis at the Leo Awards! MOTIVE Season 2 starts in the US on May 21! And we have Q&As, photos, Friends news and some early-career screencaps.


Ferreira Fest 52 is now online!

Tons of photos, tweets, a charity site report and some obscure screencaps...



Ferreira Fest 51 is now online!

Motive Season 2 news, Getty Images and an exclusive interview with Jennifer Spence!


Ferreira Fest 50 is now online!

It's our Golden Anniversary Edition at Ferreira Fest!

Happy Birthday, Louis!


Ferreira Fest 49 is now online!

Louis answers your questions, plus news, photos, info and international reports!



The Flag Counter is now online!

Our Home Page now has a flag counter which registers all the different countries our visitors come from - there are Louis Ferreira fans all over the world!



Ferreira Fest 48 is now online!

A new movie, Q&As, photos, transcripts and some holiday spirit in seasonal pineapple cocktails!


Sponsor Louis Ferreira's new short film!

Louis has just finished work on a new short film entitled Through The Pane with Pauline Egan. Pauline needs to raise funds to support the production. You can help out and sponsor another acting credit for Louis! Go to the Sponsor Page at Indiegogo and contribute what you can. There is also a short video that contains clips and comments by Louis.


Ferreira Fest 47 is now online!

New photos, show tidbits, transcripts, and our special virtual pineapple drinks!


Character Pages Added

There is a new section in the Links area, containing special pages that were created for characters Louis has played over the years. Check them out!


Ferreira Fest 46 is now online!

Tons of interviews, photos, sound clips, transcripts, and always free virtual pineapple drinks!


Breaking Bad marathon starting today!

In preparation for the airing of Breaking Bad's final episode AMC is airing the entire series. Louis' three episodes "Buyout", "Say My Name" and "Buried" will air on Sunday. Please check your local listings for exact air times.


Ferreira Fest 45 is now online!

This is our second newsletter at our very own domain but the format hasn't changed - it's still chock-full of goodies, and as always it's ALL LOUIS ALL THE TIME! Please leave your comments at the Forum.


Banners available for download

We now have banners for The Friends of Louis Ferreira available for download for you to use on your own websites. Check them out on the Links page. Please send a note to admin@louisferreira.org with your URL so we can promote your site here in return.


Louis won't be at Dragon*Con

Sadly, Louis won't be able to attend Dragon*Con this year as anticipated due to professional commitments. Never fear - there will be other opportunities to meet him!


The Forum is now online!

Go to http://forum.louisferreira.org, register and chat away! Categories exist for current and recent shows and movies, ideas you had, and a fun zone to let your inner goofball out and play.


The New Web Domain goes live and Ferreira Fest 44 is now online!

The big day has arrived! Welcome to our own domain where the friends of Louis Ferreira can find out all the latest news and enjoy a community of fun, friendship and charity with their favorite actor.

You can also surf this site on your smartphone (some media features may not be supported in the mobile version):

Read the current newsletter - Ferreira Fest 44!

Please sign our guestbook - we will also add a forum in the next few days. Bear with us as we iron out the last few wrinkles on the new site. We're so glad you found us! Please bookmark the new site now.



One of TV's most closely guarded secrets is out: Louis makes an encore appearance on the critically acclaimed AMC series "BREAKING BAD", reprising his character of rival drug lord Declan in the episode "Buried". AMC, Sunday August 18, 9pm - check your local listings for repeats!



SyFy channel will air all remaining episodes of PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD on Saturday August 10 as part of an all-day PNW marathon. This includes the three episodes with Louis as Colonel Henderson Hall (episodes 11-13): The Inquisition and The Sound of Thunder, parts 1 and 2.


Ferreira Fest 43 is now online - 3 days early due to anticipated internet access issues.


Ferreira Fest 42 is now online and our two charity projects have been launched.

Click on the Charity link in the sidebar and find out how you can help!

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